Cecco Santi flight ( o “volo di Cecco Santi”) is one of the ancient tuscany popular traditions that nowadays are evocked throught events or shows. According to this leggend Cecco Santi was a captain of Vinci’s army that for love of a noblewoman betrayed his town and was condemned to a terrible punishment: to be thrown from the tower of Conti Guidi’s castle, granting him clemency only if, thanks to a miracle, he would have survived.

His last desire was to drink a good wine glass from Vinci… and the miracle occurred!thrown from the tower, Cecco managed to fly up to the opposite hill and saved himself: by chance that year all farmers had an abundant harvest of grapes, olives and wheat.

On the last wednesday of every July, Vinci organises a play and a historic parade in the upper part of the burg to evoke Cecco Santi’s story.