“Capitati…per Caso” Casa Vacanze

via pistoiese 208 50059 Vinci (FI) Italy


Vinci is known all over the world becouse it is Leonardo’s home town.
The tortress is in the middle of a very green countryside that gives it an exclusive and charming aspect.

Places to visit:

  • vinciMuseo Leonardiano: it is called “castle of the ship” becouse its appearance is like a ship. The museum has the most important and widest collection of Leonardo’s designs as an inventor.

  • Leonardo’s native home: Leonardo’s native home is situated in Anchiano, a little place 3 Kms far from the centre of Vinci. It is the house where Leonardo spent his youth. The house is on a pleasant little small hill, it is sourronded by olive trees and it is an interesting example of country architecture. The house was restored in 1986, and inside there are a lot of reproductions of Leonardo’s drawings and the Valdarno map that was traced by Leonardo himself.

  • Museo ideale di Leonardo da Vinci: it is the first museum that deals with Leonardo as an artist, a scientist, an inventor and a designer in comparison with his biography, his territories and his modernity for those times.

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