Tuscan Country Style

The pieces of forniture are in a country style and are very well maintained and comfortable. It's ideal for people who want to have both a comfortable and relaxing holiday in nature, where the background is “the voices of nature”, and for those who want to visit very important places for architecture, history and culture.

Wonderful Panoramic View

Swimming pool
The magic of this place makes “Capitati...per caso” an ideal location for people who love being sourronded by a delicious atmosphere; when the sun goes beyond the horizon, and the underlying valley fills with small shining points, peace reingns and we can see a sky full of stars.

For Family

The structure consists of a kitchen, a sitting room with a fireplace and with the ceiling with exposed beams, a bedroom (on top flor) whith a double bed and a bunk bed, and two bathrooms (one of which is outside).

CECCO SANTI FLIGHT ( Wednsday 28 July 2021)

Cecco Santi flight ( o “volo di Cecco Santi”) is one of the ancient tuscany popular traditions that nowadays are evocked throught events or shows. According to this leggend Cecco Santi was a captain of Vinci's army that for love of a noblewoman betrayed his town and was condemned to a terrible punishment: to be thrown from the tower of Conti Guidi's castle, granting him clemency only if, thanks to a miracle, he would have survived. His last desire was to drink a good wine glass from Vinci... an...

The Unicorn Festival 2021 (on July 23 Friday / 24 Saturday / 25 Sunday)

Festa di Unicorno
This is an event which was born in 2005 thanks to the Fantasy circle and a lot of associations of Vinci. It is an event that has the highest number of role playing games ready to challenge each other in a lot of contests and that try to enlive the festival with artists and background actors. On these days Vinci's old town centre is closed to traffic and fills up with elfs, fairies, fantastic creatures, jugglers, knights with their armours, acrobats, fire-breathers, itinerant games, concerts and...